Web based service system

Leanpoint® is a web based service system, designed especially for the service industry for companies such as for example electricians, plumbers, cleaning companies and more.

Overview during a busy day

Leanpoint® service system gives you the ultimate overview during a busy day in your company. Du will have full control of your jobs and service reports/worksheets from your workers, including time and goods sold, no matter if the job is ad hoc or scheduled in advance. Everything is showing in the build in online calendar. No more telling a customer over the phone that you will have to get back to them when you are back at the office. Now you can log in to your system from anywhere with an internet connection, for example from your laptop computer in your car. Become number 1 in customer service!

Goodbye to paper notes

With Leanpoint® service system, you can finally say goodbye to paper notes, written in hand by your employees. The registration of data is now in electronical form, saving you a huge amount of time, entering the same data twice. 

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Service reporting

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Time Tracking

Man hours, invoice hours, machine hours etc..


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